About Us

Study by Faith is not an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, it aims to recount the history of the Church and restate its doctrine accurately for the benefit of the Church’s members and those who wish to learn about the Church, including scholars, journalists, investigators, and others who care about representing the history and doctrine accurately and not relying on speculation or anomalies.

Because the primary audience is Church members, this site uses the devotional language characteristic of believers. Others who choose to use this site are invited to do so with the same sense of respect that an anthropologist would accord to any people being studied. In general, modern scientists want to hear from a people in their own terms, not in language that has been filtered for an outside audience and is thereby incomplete because it omits the beliefs that drive people’s behavior. Latter-day Saints believe God continues to speak to them today, and this site reflects that belief.

Many references found in the notes are to books of Latter-day Saint scripture. These are readily available online at the Church’s official website.